Thursday, December 24, 2009

The true rock...

You rock \m/ and people applauding, headbangers, metalheads, playing air guitar, lost in the moment - swaying heads .......mettaaaallllll. They rock - clear no. The groups rock - clear no. The stage rocks - yes with the amplifiers.
The guy who rocks is the one who sits all alone not letting himself go wrong on things. Working so that he could feed himself and his dependents. The people who rock are the ones who go about their daily lives - offices till 5 earning enough money to provide food, shelter and clothing to their family. The guy who rocks is the guy who donates blood. The girl who rocks is the girl who sits beside her mother who's just undergone a surgery to see if she needs anything. The kid who rocks is the kid who gives 5 Rs/- to a small girl on the street for any damn reason. The guy rocks who gives his seat to an old lady. The man who rocks is the man who finishes off his work because he feels that in his spare time he might help somebody. The nuns rock because they care for the hungry children, and take care of the sick. The world is full of rockers, i tell you. Not the guys on the stage, but you'll see them if you're willing to look beyond the stage.
I don't rock - I just play the guitar and if that makes people happy, I am more fortunate because it makes me happy.
Next time you see a headbanger ask him/her if he/she needs help to understand what rock is.
and the guys on the stage too - screaming pitylessly.
so lets rock :)