Friday, March 23, 2012

The light I saw

From a small distance, with night all around me,
I saw a shimmer, a glow,  a life, a warmth, a hope , a friend , a memory.
I knew I couldn't cover those steps, so I smiled for it was across a world,
I knew I could only watch in the cold, another life it unfurled.
Behind me stood the walls that forever were there,
I could spend a life, another one yet another, several spent in that stare.
I left when the light came, though that light was warmer than the sun,
I din't speak, lest I might be heard and might hurt, just made my way,
into a world I never knew, I never had, would not lie in,
but the only light  whiter than a thousand stars at night , twinkling in my heart would always stay.